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the last entry was kinda..er, scary..i have to admit. well, i did feel that way at that time, and i do feel it every now and then, sometimes with no particular reason at all. some people do have a low self-esteem, i know mine is low, and i know i have to improve it, but sometimes it is just out of one's control. sometimes you just feel soooo low and feel as if life is not worth living, at all. it's kinda sad, cos i know that i shouldnt take life for granted. life only once, well that was once my motto of life, but man..how hard can one's life be? man..i shouldnt complain, i know i know

well, these past couple of days have been a relaxing, and organised one, for me. i managed to finish my presentation and essay this morning and thought i should treat myself for being organised on my work (this seldom happens, you see). so i went to town to buy myself something that i like, but i wasnt sure what. finally, i decided to cut my hair. luckily, there was an offer at the salon. they said that if i cut my hair and do some treatment, i can have my hair coloured for free. cool. plus 20% off for student. so i did that. i choose to colour my hair dark red initially, but my hair was soo dark, it didnt change colour at all. finally, they have to re-coloured my hair using 'intense red' dye. it took me 3 hours altogether to get my hair done. rase nyesal plak for spending so much time at a salon. time is precious man..but like i have anything else to do..i finished my work what haha. anyway, my hair now is not 'intense red', tho i wish to have it really red. it's..blackish red. damn my hair is wayy too dark

yey i got a new hobby. well, it's part of my unofficial new year resolution (like i have an official one duh). i'm hooked to story books! (kinda sad huh..baru skrg nk baca buku huhu). i finished reading 'anne of green gables' two days ago and got the 2nd book, 'anne of avonlea' the next day! i like story books that tells one's life, like this book, and the 'memoir of a geisha' book. i like to read about someone's life and then compare it with my life. this way i know that everybody's life is also complicated and not straight forward, like mine.

i made a conclusion that being anti-social + less going out + alone in the room = got my school work done! funny heh. plus my new hobby, i think it fits well with me liking to be alone + want to have my school work done. me organising myself. kinda hard actually cos i'm the worst in organising my stuff. well, that's my other new year resolution!

need to go to bed now. tomoro got some presentation to, er, present. kinda hungry, but couldnt be bothered to eat anything. night.