1/09/2005 06:26:00 PM 0 Comments »
ni malas punye pasal..

1. what song are you listening to at the moment?
fever - kylie minogue

2. what shirt are you wearing right now?
none. just my night robe

3. have you taken a bath yet?

4. who is in your mind right now?
hatake kakashi...drooling...

5. what's your current favorite lyric?
"just call my name...and i'll be there"

6. where do you feel like going right now?
no where.. just like to be alone in my room

7. what movie are you looking forward to?
star wars 3

8. what are you looking forward to?
duit's been 6 months dammit

9.what are you eating and drinking right now?
nothing. cant decide

10. last time you feel in love?
dono. a few years ago, i think

11. last person who sms-ed you?

12. shirt you wore before this one?
my pyjamas

13. thing you held?
tissue paper..fucking flu..

14. food and drink you had?
pringles + robinson's mango and orange cordial

15. picture you took of yourself?
hate taking pictures..

16.time you hung out with friends?
yesterday at nad's house, with nad, ct and yus

17. time you watched a movie in the cinema?
2 weeks ago, with nad and huda

18. what's new about me?
nothing. oh..i'm fatter

19. what's the upcoming event you are looking fwd?
my osce result? not that i look forward to, but a result IS a result, you have to receive it whether you want it or not

20. what have you been up to lately?
dono..just like to be with myself right now..

21. what kinda person are you?
right to be left alone, thank you very much

22. are you gifted in anyway?
cant think of anything. total useless