sleepy head = rubbish blog haha

1/28/2005 01:52:00 PM 0 Comments »
'A newcomer you meet or some not so subtle changes in a platonic relationship stir things up in your love life. A powerful sexual attraction has developed between you and another but to pursue this could put an existing union in jeopardy. Granted someone knows how to make you feel appreciated and desirable but fires of passion could burn out as quickly as they ignited. If you are the type of Leo who needs a long lasting and loyal relationship, turn your back on sexy temptation'

interesting. yup, it's my daily horoscope. very interesting one this time. hmm..yup, i do think i want a long lasting and loyal relationship, so lets just forget about that guy from my hosp group (yup, i dont socialise much, other people who i met are from my hosp group duh). that guy is sooo damn cute kuasa 10. his name is Matt, and my other groupmates said that he gonna ask me out soon. duh? not sure i believe that. but for sure, i didnt show ANY interest what so ever. i am indeed a loyal person, like what my mum said last summer. nope, that guy, or any other guy, do not have any chance against my mr monkey hehe. i think huda's theory of 'attached girls' is true haha. quite true. just a couple of months after i got serious with mr monkey, someone i knew and liked told me that he liked me. ayo. terlambat lah pakcik. my heart is already taken haha.

obviously, i am quite (very) sleepy right now and thus write rubbish.

but my point is that i'm not the type of person who would just grab anyone who likes me. the fact that i'm taken makes it more sense and clearer. definitely not the type of person who will still go out with other guys although she already has a bf, just because the 2nd guy is richer or more romantic or better looking (or perhaps, worse looking? hehe chenta buta). well, it's their life, and i am wondering now why do i write this nonsense? maybe because they boast about having more than 1 admirer? hahaha. even an ugly girl like me have that, but we dont boast lah haha (well, maybe just tonite :p) apologise to those who eat chillies (??). i need to get some sleep. taaaa..zzzzz