books and life..

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my upstair neighbour has always been very fond of grease (i mean the movie, not the oily thingy, hei). you can see his cheerful smiling face whenever someone mention the word 'grease' in front of him. and i'm now listening to grease's soundtracks from his room. well i dont mind. those songs are nice. and i'm pretty sure i heard some dancing steps upstairs. janji ko hepi yus hihhi. i'm enjoying myself with the songs as well :)

he he i bought the next anne of green gables book! i've tried my best to not buy this book, for various reasons, but mainly for me to gain control of my own decision and to not follow my heart too much. i went to the city library after i finished my gp session today and spent more than an hour there to find a suitable book for me to read. i have this strong desire to read, i mean read fictional book, but i'm not sure what to read. i realised that i'm a fussy reader when i couldnt find anything that satisfy me. the only few books that seemed interesting were the children fictional books. i like children books, mainly for the storylines and plots. like the 1st two of the harry potter books, the plots are light and funny. i dont prefer heavy plots with non-conventional characters' names, like in LOTR, i find it hard to follow. think my IQ is not high enough to read those kind of books. i read story books to please my mind. i dont want to burden my head, as i think i have enough real life burden to think of.

and i like uk's fictional books, mainly because of the language used. i dont think american english is simple, but i think they lack of something. sense of humour i think. and sarcasm. i like the adjectives used in the uk's book. the way they describe things, it's full of sarcasm, yet humourous as well. i like a little bit of fantasy, but not too much like in terry pratchett's books. harry potters' books are just nice. and i like a single main character book. like in HP, anne and the geisha book, than multi characters book, like in little women or lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events. it felt more real, as there is only one author for each story book, and the author represents the character in the book.

i know i'm not qualified to give such comments on books. well, i didnt comment, i just give out my preference.

i still got babies topic in my mind ha ha. maternal instinct? i dont think so. i guess it's because i'm old and longing to settle down. i feel old. i'm not sure why i feel that way . i'll be 25 this august.'s a quarter of a century. damn i feel old. i cant imagine myself having my own baby now, of course, maybe i just want to have a different life than my present one. i'm bored of being a student, renting a house with other students. no no i dont mean i dont like living with my friends, i just want to settle down, live in a proper house with some proper furnitures. i want to cook properly and clean the house. not just cleaning my room and cook microwaved food. i know i can cook properly now, but what for? i want to cook for someone and have the meal with someone. i know i'm good at taking care of others, but rather poor at taking care of myself. i just cant see the purpose of having a proper cooked meal if it's for me alone. well, i just have to accept the fact that that dream of mine will not be materialised for at least 3 years from now. and the person that i supposed to share that dream with is 11 000km away from me. jolly good.

going to watch csi double tonight yippee! tomoro i'm free yippee! nite :)