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i've been spending the whole weekend reading story books! i finished the 3rd anne of green gables book this morning. was sooo tempted to run to town to get the 4th book, but i managed to get hold of myself. i need to get a life! i didnt eat, bath or did anything else but to finish those books. i dont know huh. i'm always like this. when i read fictional books, i tend to get really really absorb into it, if you know what i mean. i feel it soo damn real, sampai mimpi2 tak tipu.

i like this anne book. the words are soo beautiful, i like beautiful and poetic words, but not too big or too heavy, like shakespear ka. this book is really nice, the author describes the characters and the sceneries well. anne, the main character, has such a pure heart, those who meet her cant help but falling in love with her. if i meet her, guess i'll fall in love with her too. and i know i cant be like her. i guess i like the author more than the character. although these books didnt give me the heart rush like when i read harry potter books, but i couldnt help but to have those 'flowery' feeling when i read them. such a good book. i cant wait to read the 4th, 5th and 6th book, and ct told me that there is the 7th book! yee haa! 5 pounds for each book..aisey aisey. hei, look at the brighter least it's not 10 quids each! haha.

just like to put those titles:
1. anne of green gables
2. anne of avonlea
3. anne of the island
4. anne of windy willows
5. anne's house of dreams
6. anne of ingleside
7. lupa plak..rain something something

cant wait cant wait. tried to read 'little women' tadi, but i cant seem to get my mind off anne. ceh i guess i have to get the 4th book tomoro. i want to try to control myself, at least try not be too absorb with the story. i need to do other things as read a proper academic book ka (oh i wish i am like my other 2 housemates! huhu). takpe2. think logically, pijak di dunia yg nyata, elly...

guess i have to go now. need to get my bag ready for tomoro, set my mind on what i want to wear tomoro, eat supper, then sleep. nite...