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it's been a week since my last blog. i was bored like hell back then, luckily there were 2 nice people to accompany me at newcastle. everyday i go to work, work really hard and make really good money, then come back home to cook. it's like an adult's life (mind you, i'm a student, adult is someone who works for a living).

on friday i decided to go to edinburgh to join some old college friends, since my work place is closed for the christmas. it was good to catch up with them, gossiped (+bitched hehe) about some other old collegemates. i spent 3 nights there, and every night we just couldnt stop talking and gossiping. i'm not the kind of person who like my past; i'm the worst in keeping in touch. but the trip was really good. a really really good friend of mine from london was there too, it made my trip better. edinburgh is beautiful. it's spacious, with lots of old historical buildings. someone told me that i wouldnt like edinburgh because of my preference of modern architecture, so i was quite surprised myself to like edinburgh. hmm..maybe it was the companies that i had while staying there that made the trip worth.

on sunday we went to livingston's factory outlet; it's just an hour journey from edinburgh. guess who i met there? i met my favouritest person in the world, ellina! best nyer best nyer. and met oja and yunie as well, which was a bonus. bought some cheap stuff there; but i think it's the companies that you have with you that makes a trip good.

i went back to newcastle on monday afternoon, along with a pair of ninewest shoes that i bought for 16quids! super cool. and guess what? i managed to drag huda to come with me to newcastle! super duper cool! she's now sleeping on my bed, bless her. she's kinda tired. and tomoro we gonna go to town to watch a movie with nadine. best best.

guess i have to log off now. it's half one in the morning. called my mum just now, to ask her about the tsunami in southeast asia. hmm..kinda tired myself. maybe i'll try to write more tomoro.