1/17/2005 11:11:00 PM 0 Comments »
just a quick one. need to sleep pretty soon.

visited a few fotopages just now. mostly (er, all) were babies pictures. cepatnye masa berjalan. mus, laila, atik, juliana..all have got babies now. guess in a year time, there will be more, i bet it would be liza's and wirda's next year ho ho ho. best of luck dear friends. miss you guys.

cant help but to think of my own. my own baby. ha ha. cant believe i'm writing this. me? the girl who hates children? ha ha. i hate children, generally, but if it's my own, of course i'll love him/her. and of course i love my friends' babies! i already have a rough image of my 1st child, having had no less then 10 dreams about her. yup, i think it's a she. positive. well, you cant be too sure kan. cant wait!

today has been a productive day. me like it. me satisfied.

managed to refrain myself from buying the 4th anne of green gables book. hooray! i read clinical medicine book instead. okeyla tu. need to keep my feet on the ground.

ngantuk sih ngantuk sih. 'll try to write longer tomoro, i hope. nite.

ps: miss you too huda. how's our plan to go to belfast? or is it germany? ha ha. sory i cant have the comments here in my blog. hmm..not ready yet. am fully happy with the current situation. no need to care about some other stupid anonymous comments. have a good day huda!