2/12/2004 09:56:00 PM 0 Comments »
here's my new layout! how do you guys think? kinda softie kan colour die. ntah ler. actually my initial choice of colour is dark, dark red, like the blood's colour. but couldnt find the exact dark red colour that i like, then come this colour scheme and ahhh...cair sat hihi. do give comment about this new layout. i know it's not much, not like wirda or elina yg gaban2 belaka, but i guess this is more than enuff for me, or for my standard. i am more than happy to own a blog!

tgh dgr lagu Maroon 5. damn damn good. esp Sweetest Goodbye. i know i have mentioned this b4, but believe me it's good! exactly my type of song. Harder to Breath is good too. i'm thinking of buying their cd, but need to check my budget first hihi.

oklah, guess that's all for now. i hope you guys like this new layout. gonna watch Grammy on E4 in 10 minutes. i know, i know, it's last week's event, but that's for the US. UK lambat seminggu eh. but we're fortunate to have E4 huh elina, if we are still in Ricky Road flats, taik gigi je la hihi. CALO!

ps: japanese word of the day: baga/baka=idiot/stupid, saru=monkey. hatta (hihi) bakasaru=stupid monkey!