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jarang woo aku nangih tgk cite. b4 this, the only movie that can make me cry is 'Deep Impact'. remember that movie? it was in the cinema at the same time as Armageddon, which i think was super stink, and it's waayy below Matrix Revolution, if you know what i mean. but Deep Impact was very good, same theme as Armageddon ie some comets (i think) gonna crush the earth yada yada yada, Elijah Wood was in it. the movie was very touching, esp when elijah's young wife's mother gave her her lil bro, so that they can have better chance of survival of the impact bcos the couple (elijah+wife) got a motorbike at that crucial time. waa..i watched it 3 times, i cried 3 times.

but now i'm talking about a new movie that can make me cry. Contact. starring Jodie Foster. did it rang any bell? it's a sci-fi movie, Ellie (Foster)(wuu my name) is a very bright astronomer who first discovers an extra-terrestial signal after been researching for so long. the signal is actually a code, which represents a complete structural data to build a 'ship'. it's not exactly a ship, but actually an equipment/transport to go to Vega system (the origin of the signal), which is 26million lights away from earth. yada yada yada, know you already got bored with this, but this movie has very much reminded me of my old passion. that's why i cried

i used to want to become an astronomer, and if possible, an astronout. wahh...still remember those times.. i knew i like astronomy since i was standard 4 when i read my big sis's science text book. do you remember back then when we were in form 3 we learnt about sun, planets, galaxies? i was very very much in love with that topic. i wished to see all the planets, discover whether they have intelligent life forms or not. if you watch that movie, my feeling was exactly the same as Ellie's. have to admit i'm a star trek, star wars fan. but then i know that in malaysia they dont have much advanced facilities in astronomy, lack of job opportunities etc etc etc. (waahh..NASA..my ultimate super dream). so i just buried my passion back then. i also remembered back in kmys when we were required to take DIV classes (not important but compulsory classes). there was a teacher who asked us about our true ambition. she meant true, true. i said i want to become an astronomy and astronout, of course. (hihi..remember azlizawati wanted to become a fashion designer, who would have thought that?)

i change my passion to maths. (as no one put in their record profile book they want to become an astronomer/astronout). i really really like maths. then when i learn add maths back when i was in form 4, i said to myself..WHAT AN ULTIMATE CAHAYA HIDAYAT!. i was soo damn excited i would have peed myself (hihi but it's true!) it was like discovering something that you like sooo damn much. this is much much better than shopping! i would live for maths, eat for maths, die for maths (what a geek). then i told my mum, during the dec break (tuk naik form5), i told my mum i like maths so much. i want to become a maths expert. i didnt really care to do anything else. then she told me something, but i couldnt remember her exact words, but she hinted me to do something better, which is up to my ability. huh, tak paham. but i did get what she hinted, ie she would have preferred me doing something else beside maths. tada. end of story. the rest is history. oh sedihnye mengimbas kenangan silam...