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i want to go home. i mean, home malaysia. i want to eat kuewteow goreng. sambal udang. i want to go to supermarket and buy and eat anything/everything without need to find the sign V on the label. i want to go to bed and say goodnite to my parents. i want to go to pasar malam and buy tulang ayam goreng and jagung rebus. and air tebu. and kopok goreng. i want to go to klcc with my mum and my sis, watching movie at tgv and eat kentucky at the concorde floor and my mum will pay everything. i want to go to kuantan's berjaya megamall and watch my dad, my mum and iwan play bowling against each other. my dad always comes first, then my mum, and iwan is the last though he has learnt various technique/skills, own the best ball. i like to meet my sis at jalan TAR after she finishes her job on saturday. there will be a big pasar malam there and she will buy me any food/things that i like. i like to go shopping with my dad, he likes to go to odd shops and tak lokek; my mum, she got really good taste on style and brands; my sis, as she likes to spoil us (her younger sister and 2 brothers) to rot because she loves us so much; jiman, my 1st younger bro, because he's tall and good-looking and making me look good walking beside him; and iwan, my youngest bro, because i just love him! i want to be on our regular kuantan-kl-kuantan journey, i always sit in front as my dad says that i'm a good navigator and a good company to make him stay awake while driving. on the way we always stop kat gerai2 kat maran or karak, my dad will have 'nescafe tarik kurang manis satu' and roti canai double, my mum will only have a glass of teh o, and i'll have anything that dont have curry. iwan likes milo ice dua. i want to see my sister's smile, she has the sweetest smile ever with her two lesung taring, my mum's fresh face in the morning, my dad's expressionless but funny face, though everybody in his ofis scared of his thick misai. jiman's control macho face. iwan's sunburned yet so cute face. oh i miss to wear tudung again, miss to see malaysian faces again, miss the heat and rain back home, miss to see those familiar faces again. i miss home. sigh