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it's official. i'm fat..fat..FAT!!!!!!!
in every other day, ie once in every 2 days, i'll have a very very full (+bloated,buncit, you name it) stomach. i'm soo damn buncit, it hurts. yet i still carry on eating..yum..yum..this kitkat no.whatever is so damn good..yum yum..+ hot choco + biscuit + chocolates again..yum yum...I CANT STOP EATING!! HELP ME!

mirtazapine. bnf page 196.
indications: depressive illness
side-effects: yada yada yada.. increased appetite and weight gain..what? INCREASED APPETITE AND WEIGHT GAIN? NOOOOO.....!

damn it those doctors. didnt bother to ask me whether i am the kind of person who is cautious bout her weight. of course i am! i'm a bloody girl! cant you notice? damn damn

but cant blame her though, i mean the female doc. last time she gave me fluoxetine, which side effects are include losing appetite and weight. and i lost not less than 7 kg. in a month. tak tipu. serius. yet i was complaining back then. what was i thinking? i should have enjoyed it! and now she changed my medication to something that actually gain my weight back..and i'm complaining again? human...never satisfy with what they have...

ps:// short story but worth mentioning, i think. finished watch ER just now, how proud i am to be able to understand most of the medical terms used! HIHI. big deal for a med student eh? yes indeed, especially for a no-1-hater-of-medicine-but-still-being-forced-to-take-it-every-damn-day. so i'm not so bad eh as a meds student? kewl...