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Selamat Hari Raya Haji!
not that i celebrate it that much, but then my housemates were quite eagered several days ago when they suggest we cook and have a meal together. but then this morning i woke up late, i cant help it huh..i cant sleep again last nite. every nite i sleep at 5-6 in the morning. tak leh tido! b4 this it's about 3-4 am, but it's getting later and worse. what to do what to do. since i tido lambat, i missed the raya prayer. huhu. woke up at 12 and went to the kitchen directly, then kak jua and kak syikin told me they'd done everything. what's left to do is the chicken, in which i promise to make ayam kentucky. so i cooked alone. finish everything at 2pm, then we ate together. yey

i feel very much guilty about my previous blog. this will happen if you cant sleep in early odd hours, with nothing much to do, then EVERY single thing that's in your mind comes pouring out again and again. but what's done is done, in fact what's written is exactly what i have in my mind. just that you dont normally write all those 'inner' thought on your blog, but hei dont think i'm normal, so that's fine with me (lame excuse dhooo).

i have discovered a new love in my life. not another human, DHO, where can i put azali? i mean my perfume. my perfume. never like any kind of perfume before. i'm the kind of girl who doesnt like perfume and hardly use them. i got 2 perfumes initially, each from my parents (what an embarassing fact..azali is soo not romantic, but he knows me too well but to give me a thing that i hardly use). both perfumes, dkny and lancome's poeme are still full. i dont like wangi2...eeee... it's too girlish. but then last week i bought myself a perfume. ck truth. dont know what got into my mind when i bought this thing (cause there's a clearance sale..oo ..that's why..hmm). it was like love at first, er, smell. totally utterly love it! cant describe my feeling. i wear it everyday, night and day. just put some on the back of my palm, and i will sniff it every now and then. waaahhhhh...