2/27/2004 08:25:00 PM 0 Comments »
i'm happy. it's a nice feeling and i cant help but smile.

already bought my flight ticket and due to arrive this monday. settle with meds school, which gave me good support. saw a smile and cheerful face at meds school, who i saw for my appointment this afternoon. thanks, you made my day. then got a very good news from finance office. nice. then went back home and it's snowing. really really heavy snow and i like it. everywhere covered with snow and there are heavy snow falls from the sky. i guess it's a send off sign from newcastle. nice.

i'm really tired too. havent got enuff sleep for these past few days. but i'm not complaining. things couldnt be better. with mara, meds school, family and frens, and i'm going home! just one tiny thing, i do hope mara nyer allowance masuk tomoro. so that i can start buying chocolates and other things for ppl back home.

hm..just realise i didnt eat a thing today. just a few gulps of coffee decaf. dono, i just forgot to eat. hmm..tired, cant sleep, forgot to eat? funny eh. well, better sign off now and prepare my food. dont want to spoil this day by being hungry. i live for food!