2/09/2004 10:07:00 PM 0 Comments »
gambar Manchester dah ade! but not all, cume pics from camera digital elina je la. 8 pics only. wait till i develop my kodak, scan it, and put more pics in the album. tapi my camera tu kodak die tak abis lagi, so need to wait la. i might finish it off in this next few days. there are also some old pics which i thought dah ilang. rupenye still ade kat yahoo photo, but in a different account. go to the left side of this blog, click to 'Gambar2 saya', then 'Gambar lame' for those who havent seen it, and 'Manchester' to view Manchester pics. oklah, enjoy the pics!

ps:// now listening to Maroon 5's Sweetest Goodbye. hmm..leh tahan. best