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we're going to manchester tomoro! jalan2 kotaraya hihi. manchester is indeed a kotaraya, it's the 2nd biggest city in the UK after london. ade ke arip (my fren kat manchester) said that manchester is small? well, we wait and see machester tomoro with our own eyes then. got a few aim places..wagamama, a must japanese restaurant, yum yum food comes first hihi, then hardrock cafe manchester, my sis kat mesia pesan a few t-shirts, and last but not least, MNG. soft spot huh that place. must go!

but then tomoro i'll miss snooker masters semi-final at BBC2. i've told you guys rite that i'm a sport event freak? but i myself dont like sports, mind you, it's just sport events yg kat tv. anything will do, from snooker, rugby, F1 yada yada. all 4 very good snooker players got their places for the semi final which took place at wembley, london. Paul Hunter, better known as 'the Becham for snooker' bcos he's young, good-looking and talented (he is indeed the youngest (28), blond, hensem woo and very good player). he defeats the mighty Mark Williams at the quater final (Williams is currently no1 in world ranking in snooker..hence the 'mighty'). Hunter will be playing against John Higgins at semi final tomoro. Higgins is quite good too, in his 40s, i think, innocent-looking man, reminds me of bilbo baggins hihi. Higgins defeats Steven Lee at quater final, dont like Lee as he reminds me of Wormtail (a traitor character in Harry Potter), who has round face, pointed nose and plump figure. nasib baik Higgin defeats Lee during quater final.

then there is Ronnie O'sullivan, who will be playing against Jimmy White for the other semi final. my personal favourite player. O'sullivan, better known as 'the Rocket' bcos of his fast pace in potting snooker balls. he is a hensem guy with an Italian feature (hmm mesti ellina suke hihi). cool gaks. he is currently no3 in the world ranking. while White is a comeback player, ie he used to win a few tournaments back then when he was young. and he's in his 40s now and starts playing good again, in fact he defeats the no2 player (Steven Hendry) in the best 16 match, and Peter Ebdon, a skillful and experienced player, during the quater final.

so here we have 4 very good player, playing in the semi final of the snooker masters tomoro, and the winners will fight against each other in the final on sunday. i'll definitely gonna miss the saturday match as i'll be spending whole day kat manchester. but hopefully, i mean HOPEFULLY, i manage to catch the final match on sunday as we might have already arrived back here at newcastle b4 the live final match at BBC2 at 8pm. hopefully hopefully hopefully x100. hihi

oklah then, dah siap packing my stuff for the 2-day trip to manchester. i might kacau ellina a bit and watch sex and the city on her computer, thanks to imesh. good nite for now, hope i have a nice trip tomoro along with ellina, ct and kak syikin. sayonara!

ps: japanese word for today: itadakimasu = let's eat