safe journey, i hope

3/01/2004 11:10:00 PM 0 Comments »
am goin back tomoro. will arrive klia late wed afternoon, meet azali (yey!) and then take another flight to kuantan to be with my parents. excited!

we dont have broadband at ktn or ampang, so dont think i'll be that frequent at this blog. apologise!

quite tired for this past few days b'cause of the packings. bought the flight ticket last friday, got the ticket this morning, and my flight is tomoro. i need to empty my room for some reason so obviously there are lots of things to be packed, sealed and put somewhere. tired!

went to wirda's blog. go girl! what you've said is soo true. some ppl are too 'desperate' to get married. with various reasons of course, i'm not trying to label ppl here. some want to get married becos of family pressure, age etc. while there are some ppl who just cant wait to get married becos of the sex. or maybe becos they want to have permanent company. or maybe they want children, the reason why gay men marry. well i dono. do we need a reason to get married? definitely. everytime you want to take an action or make a decision, and getting married is an action/decision, there must be a reason. if there isnt any, then it's a waste.

i hope my reason to get married is becos of love and care for the other person. well, i wont know until my jodoh arrive. i can say i love azali so much and hope to be married with him, but at the same time i respect takdir to the most. if tak de jodoh, you try/pray/renang lautan api whatever pun, if takde jodoh, you cant do/say anything. and i truly believe that. however deep my hope to be with azali, i couldnt deny or lawan if my jodoh, if there is any, is with some other guy. nor could i deny if takdir says that the reason for me to get married is becos of my parents' decision etc etc. of course i dont want that but if takdir says so, who am i to deny?

ajal, maut and jodoh, takdir yg tentukan. full stop. dont argue with the Almighty's decision.