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ponatnye makcik. more than 4 hours in the car, coming back from manchester to home newcastle. the journey back was smooth, at least smoother compared to the journey to manchester, but that's another story (hint* next paragraph..huhu). we choose the route back home via lake district which has nice views and less cars. unfortunately, it was already 5-6ish pm something when we passed lake district, and being a 'minor' route, it was dark, empty and no light street, at all! nevertheless we managed to find all the essential junctions, routes etc and arrived to newcastle safe and sound though tired.

the journey towards manchester was the opposite! we lost, confused, lost again, confused again..a total disaster! no one to blame, as all of us didnt prepare thoroughly enough. then when we arrived at manchester, we got lost, again. and with the weather...god knows what we have done to deserve this. very, i mean VERY strong wind, plus rain, i mean HEAVY rain, didnt help us find our way. as if that was not bad enough, one of the main road in the central manchester was closed. traffic jam everywhere! and we lost again. then we decided to park our car in the outskirt of the city so that we can find our way easier...bad, if not worst, idea. strong wind, heavy rain (it wasnt rained when we parked our car!) + wet map...and we lost again. then finally we decided to take the metro to go to our aim destination. tired +angry + really really angry + wet all over + damn strong freezing wind... and yeh, lost. nasib baik i really really like the other 3 girls..if not mesti sudah marah2. me and my temper..sory!

the 2nd day was much much better. we prepared our journey, got arip, a fren of mine in manchester, to show us around the university and the city. and the weather had improved as well, though the wind was still strong and damn cold, at least there wasnt any rain. and our host at manchester was really really nice, thanks to them, we had a warm and comfy night. manchester is a very pleasant city, spacious and has lots and lots of shops! man...how we conquered both MNG's shops, in fact all 4 of us bought something there! handbags! i bought myself a lime-green coloured handbag, love it so much! didnt have enough money to buy the matching shoes though huhu. then we went to wagamama! best noodles ever! i ate twice! man..there should open a branch in newcastle huh. i first went to wagamama with huda at london. a japanese restaurant which serves ramen (soup noodle), omai udon (fried thick noodle) etc. best best! special thanks to arip, sabo die tunggu we all shopping2, siap pegangkan my bags! calon suami mithali, like elina said hihi. well, he is indeed a treasured fren of mine, i wish him every happiness and prosperity.

and here i am, dah mandi and clean, ready to sleep. oh yeh..snooker masters final. both 2 hensem young players managed to get a place in the final. ronnie o'sullivan vs paul hunter. i have nothing against hunter, but i've been following o'sullivan for sometime and of course i prefer him. and... hunter won. damn. damn. damn. sian o'sullivan, but hunter had played very10X good tonite. takde la ape2 for me, but as soon as hunter scored the last match, i switched the tv off. that's explained how i feel...hhuhuhu

good nite! nak tepon azali after this..mish him huhu. the way arip talk, walk..and the fact that they are good frens, has reminded me of azali. mish him huhu