11/08/2003 11:06:00 PM 0 Comments »
was VERY excited an hour ago when wirda taught me about templates, links etc for this blog. azali used to tell me about this webbies thingy, but never actually experience it myself since i got him to do it for me instead. but when i am on my own now to build this blog...it was VERY excited to actually get involve and do it yourself. was quite hyper and everything excited to do it myself since i now know a tiny winy about this thing.

then i made a mistake by taking a supper. blame it to my housemates esp elina haha. when your stomach is full and it's 11.52 pm and you just want to start doing something new and difficult and computer is your weakest subject...then it's not so good la. start to get tired. then bored. then annoyed. with all the time spent. last last..tada pa2. cume manage to change the title's colours and font. ha ha

such a wasteful day. doing nothing. NOTHING. not even mandi. manage to cook lontong, siap ngn nasi impit, though...
miss azali. a lot. donno why. i am not like this. honestly. the phone bill will surely give me headache next month...