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hahah sakit kapala. blur sungguh. tu aa..bgn lambat. semalam tido lambat. kul 3. bukan studi ye makcik ct, tapi buat blog ni huh. but worth it aa. ultimate satisfaction (er..of course la after upacara pembunuhan penuh tragis kaum slugs MUARHAHAHA). anyway, then bangun kul 4.45 sahur + a few things that i have to do. then study sat, mata dah berputar2. kul 6.30 dah padam balik. then sakit kapala bgn kul 12. adoi. me kind of ppl yg tak leh bgn lambat sgt. the latest 10. pastu if tido balik tappe. adoi. blank blank.

got disturbed into something. have you ever got a feeling that someone hates you so much? someone yg langsung tak nak cross your path, if leh bayang ko pun die taknak jumpe. err...i used to hate someone so much that i used to shout, lompat2, sepak2, shaking2 gile, sorang2 aa kat bilik, whenever i meet her. but it only lasted for a year, the most, then okla, time heals, aku dan die pun hanye manusia biase yg tak sempurna. skrg leh la jumpe die, borak2 sat2, not more that 5-10 minits.

but i believe that there is someone out there who doesnt like me at all, for this past 6 years. 6 years, lame tu...hmm...ape la yg dah aku buat. hebat tul impactnye sampai 6 tahun. sampai skrg. there was guy, who knew that i liked him. used to be classmates for form4, form5. but biasela, takde sape suke kat aku (azali..hmm...he's from another planet). this guy liked another girl, who was our classmates too. takpe aa. sedey gak mase tu, but hey, LIFE GOES ON. lu tak suke gua, fine la. life goes on. then, there were other events as well (ayo..classmates for 2 years..myk la bende happened kan). we were in the same bwp bureau as well etc (haha..sport bureau with budi, my classmates gak, ngn tie, yan, me and that guy..fuyo..me..sporty..?). ntah la. thought dah settle. 0-0. then a few years later, tgh discuss2 kat irc between ex-classmates la ni, nak plan buat gathering. i was so hepi at that time, dpt chat ngn ex-classmates. chatted ngn semue org, tapi bile tried to chat with him, die terus log-off. WTH? then a few years later, pie unitel kat melaka. jumpe ramai org. somebody told me he was there, but no where to be seen! he was there, like 5 minit ago. dono. and there were other things as well. chatted with mu'azzah just now, my ex-classmates as well, and knew that guy pretty well also. mu' ckp that guy taknak ckp ngn aku langsung sbb rase aku still nak kat die lagi. HELLO? THAT WAS 6 DAMN FUCKING YEARS AGO? DOES HE KNOW BOUT THE PHRASE 'LIFE GOES ON'?? lepas die, aku minat byk org2 lain, laki ade, pomp pun ade (heheh). tara hal nyer. i dont care/mind if he doesnt like to talk to me because i'm a bad person etc, but the thought of me still having those feeling for him? THAT IS SICK!! marah gile.

but since nak raya kan, aku nak aa settle. i admit i made a few silly mistakes in the past, i apologize. to azam503, aku sori bebyk atas semue bende, hope we can be in speaking term again. that was 6 years ago, you and i know we'd changed to a different person now. a better new person. selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin.