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a bit annoyed. it happens everytime. every ppl think living/studying abroad is VEEERRRYYY good. they adore you. they admire you. bosan bosan. ingat bagus sgt ke duk oversea? I DONT THINK SO. if only, if only i can turn back time, i would prefer to stay kat malaysia. full stop.

if you chat, ppl on the other side tend to ask. well, sape suh chat at the first place, tapi every now and then bosan gak with msn/yahoo messenger (frens always bz/away/etc), i just want to borak2 kosong. so pie aa irc. they ask you. then they dont believe you. fine with me, but hate being labelled penipu. and they ask and ask again. took a while for them to believe (doesnt matter to me whether they believe it or not...just want to chat!) and then batak sakan. ask tu la ask ni la. phrase paling benci: 'mesti bestkan study/duk sane'. bla bla bla. my main reason to chat is to borak2 kosong. be a normal person. chat with a stranger tend to make me forget how misrable my life can be sometimes. then there are some ppl who adores my course..lagi sakit ati! anyone yg suke sgt medic tu...amik la...AMIK la! would be more than hepi to change with anyone. and there will be some ppl yg jeles la etc etc. and the list goes on...

be grateful for what you have.

what did i do? kene aa tipu. change your location (but the irc's ip no show your exact location). change your course. then kantoi la plak. 'study kat ne? mesia. kat ne? itm. amik ape? errr...bla bla bla. should i stop irc-ing?

ps: just watch Love Actually. best gile!! i recommend it to everyone. sweet sweet. make me smile all way back home...