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i spent nearly 3 hours cooking this afternoon! from bread pudding, to nasi tomato + ayam masak merah, with kak syikin making arca sayur, and ellina + kak jua buat biskut makmur...semue jadi! so malam ni ade 4 budak pompuan yg tido kebuncitan...

btw...never been this embarassed in my whole life! it just happened about 5 minutes ago. err..pernah aa kot..but dont want to remember it :P. anyway....betul2 malu aa. really missed azali just now, but i run out of phonecard to call him kat mesia. he knew this and didnt expect me to call him until tomoro when i buy a new phonecard. neither that he expect me to buy the phonecard online nor call him in the middle of the night. i missed him so much so i did the unexpected and called him. whoa...someone unexpected picked up the phone while my first word was...guess it..'ayang'...in a you-know-what tone. DO OH. and that unexpected someone was his...dad. DO OH. total humiliation. lo and behold..there is some more...humiliation...huhuhu

chatted with nik, azali's fren at coventry just now. my housemates are mad fans of gensomaiden saiyuki (katon jepun aa) and nik is a huge collector of japanese animation. so i asked nik tu borrow his 6 dvds of GS. since nik tu jenis yg selamba, i thought of telling him 'that' story. DO OH. then he said the same thing used to happen to shahril (another coventrian guy). DO OH??. nik told me that i rang azali, but he was somewhere else, so shahril picked the phone up instead. the same thing happened. if not worse. shahril was shocked, he put the phone down, and needed to put it under a pillow when i tried to call azali's phone several times after that. DO OH. and he told everyone. or what nik had said 'member2'. TOTAL ULTIMATE FUNDEMENTAL DECISIVE CRITICAL OVER-THE-ROOF HUMILIATION. should i known it earlier i would not put a foot on the coventry land again. ever.

me. so. so. embarassed. want. to. dig. a. hole. and. put. me. head. inside.