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alo alo
kali ni i was moved by ellina's topic in her blog. tappe yer elina..hihi. ready guys..ready ngn muntah ijau korang heheh

azali. die suke wat lawak. sakit perut tahan ketawa when he's around. mostly lawak spontan, sometimes tu lawak gile3 bodo..but i like it hihi

and azali pun terer kompter. really admire ppl yg terer kompter, dont ask why. my preference. whenever he's doing his computing skill, anything la..waahh..rase besh. besh besh. sengih sampai telinga heheh

my feeling dtg lambat gile. 3 years! it started with a smile. whenever i see him, i just smile. a nice and comfort feeling inside you. then i smile wider. (hihi..tgh sengih lebar gile skrg ni whenever i think of him). after several months, i feel my face warm. the warmth then gradually moves downwards, and finally it reaches my heart. a warmth feeling which is really comforting, soothing and delighting. it's a mixed feeling, but i know it feels great. ingat dulu everytime nak jumpe die, kene naik train. whether he's going north to newcastle or i'm going down to coventry. 5 hours ++. then i'll wait either inside the train or at the central station. the last 5 minutes tu berdebar2. dono why. anxious, happy, eager and a bit shy as well. then i see his face. start to smile, and the process begins. the warmth remains until i send him back (or he send me back) at the train station. sedey sat. but there is always some warmth. a tiny winy warmth is enuff. although i havent met him for 2 months and 27 days today, the warmth is still there. he's close to me.

i dedicate this blog to azali. thank you azali, for all the love, support, care and everything you gave me... you still do. you made my day. love you