11/06/2003 11:34:00 AM 0 Comments »
la la la
this is my 3rd attempt to have what you guys said as 'personal diary on the net'.
1st one was a disaster. 2nd one was quite ok, actually loving it, but it was so hard to update the blog (lebih2 if 90% of it is somebody else's work, and that somebody already moved away from you, hence i donno how to do it now)
la la la. just finish my session for today. ponteng a seminar, which just started 5 minutes ago. tada mood..as usual. actually kat meds school sekrg, on the thursday afternoon. self-directed learning session for the afternoon aka free aa tu. ingat nak pie town, maybe watch matrix3, but just promised my housemates that we're going to watch it together this saturday.
money money money. too scared to overspend. waiting for the electric + gas bill to come in 10 days. it's a 3 months bill...scary. donno how much i need to pay.
oklah, need to go back. tak posa..ha ha...want to go back and eat.
la la la. trying to cheer myself...again