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alo alo
malasnye ari ni. one whole day lectures about ethics. ethics?? ethics!! bored like hell. no right answer bla bla bla just talking shit bla bla bla. and a register will be taken for attending the seminar. wot the f***!?? never mind. since its ramadhan, might as well control my language and be polite-r. ha ha.
was quite disturbed last night. seen this one wedding from a camcorder, recorded last summer. it's not like i was jealous or dengki etc, but just...disturbed. such a nice (and grand!)wedding, happy faces, pretty hantarans, not to mention the GOLD pelamin. not that i prefer grand or gold wedding, but the thought of having such a happy event, with loved ones...it did disturbed me. sampai ngigau2 last nite. it's not like i'm desperately wanted to get married, but as i mentioned b4, the thought of having such a happy event, with your loved one, families and frens, is making me...sad...as i cant possibly have that right now. need to wait. 2 more damn years. 2 more damn fucking suffering years.
ha ha..azali will be working for my dad at kuantan, very very soon. dont know whether it's a good or bad idea. will write more about that later....ha ha