11/13/2003 11:55:00 AM 0 Comments »
alo alo
another day to go through. as if i'm already bored to live my life? bet i am. though it's not nice to say such thing. but what the hell..i can say/write whatever i want. la la la

went to see the caunsellor this morning. again. sigh. bile la berenti jumpe die. donno. have another appointment in 2 weeks time. sigh. no.. i do feel relief whenever i met her. she always give good advice. a good listener as well. but the thought that i'm having a routine appointment to see a caunsellor...not a good thing to hear. true true.

afternoon seminar've been cancelled. sort of. another ethics seminar. 2 hours. actually this morning 've already decided to go to that seminar, but then most of my groupmates cant be bothered to go. dont want to be the nerd one. hence change my mind. the seminar is not actually cancelled. 2-4pm.

me and my boring life