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very hepi today, thank you very much. it is the best raya so far while being away from me famili. last night was such a nostalgia. there is a couple who stay in our house for two weeks as the husband waits for his graduation next week. kak maznah cooked all raya dishes all day yesterday! nasi himpit, kuah kacang, rendang daging, masa lodeh, kurma, with kak syikin making kek lapis sawarak...wahh. really in the raya mood. then at about 11pm something, there was a group of malaysian guys, frens to abang amir, came to our house to takbir!! cant believe our luck! havent actually hear takbir properly for this past 4 years. then we ate all nite. all nite...then managed to call my mum b4 went to bed. very hepi to hear her hepi voice. talked to my sister as well. then ellina told me that our picture was in berite harian on the 1st hari raya kat mesia! wahh...mizly (our fren kat mesia) told us that our picture is big and coloured. heheheh. wah hepi hepi.all of these in a nite!

woke up this morning with a big smile. can smell the rendang from my room. then i wore my baju kedah kaler dark turqoise. walked together to one of the postgrads house. ate some more (lucky i wore baju kedah...big and has lots of space ;) then went to nadine, armin and ct's house! lepak2. me closest group of frens kat newcastle. then they went to my place. and spent some time there, borak2 with ct and nadine. wat more can i ask? except if elina ade mase tu, it would be better, but she's really tired and need to have her sleep urgently.

borak2. lepak2. with my 2 favouritest ppl in newcastle (and you as well, ellina :p). wat a bless to spend my raya here in newcastle... tq nadine and ct, you made my day