right after the presentation...

3/31/2006 10:56:00 AM 0 Comments »
finally the presentation is over. it wasnt bad, but it wasnt brilliant either. the presentation part went alright, i think it went smooth, well, according to my standard la, but the question-answer session was a bit, how can i say...shaky. didnt manage to answer a couple of questions, i think, mostly because i didnt know the answer. well, the questions were slightly over my topic, but i could have invented some answers to satisfy the questioner, in which i havent. well. there is nothing to regret about, all past is past, and there is nothing i can do to change the grade, whatever it is.

so i'm having my easter break now, for 2 weeks. no plan, just work, work and work. i couldnt afford to go anyway, so better stay still and quiet in newcastle.

nothing much happen lately. the last few days were spend with the presentation. oh yeah, me and ellina went to tesco extra on wednesday evening and bought lots, lots and lots of food. mainly junk food ahaha. we had to call a taxi to go home. imagine, we had about 5 to 6 bags, each. both were quite shocked to see how much food we had bought and how much it cost. so, a self-reminder: never ever go to tesco extra when i'm hungry or early of the month when money is good.

ellina's friends are coming over this weekend. nadine's too. hopefully the water wont cause any more trouble. last evening there was some water/tangki problem somewhere and they had to close the main pipe. so we didnt have water in the shower room, which is at the 1st floor, due to low water pressure. it was alright this morning, thank god, or else i would have to go to the university sport centre to have my shower.

cant think of anything else to write. ellina and her friend, yusra, want to join me ronda2 town in an 1 hour time. i'm thinking of going to metro centre, but my bag that i have to carry, is quite heavy, well, since i have a second pair of shoes inside. wonder if there is somewhere i can put my stuff. fat chance.

weekend plan? relax, relax and more relax. sleep, sleep and more sleep. oh yeah, F1. weeeeeee heeeeeeee