3/27/2006 12:23:00 PM 1 Comment »
monday.. i'm not complaining tho. i'm free this week, since it is the reading week for us to prepare our oral presentation this friday. i have finished mine, just need to practise presenting it to make it as smooth as possible. i'm meeting my supervisor tomoro for him wanting to hear me presenting. i'm not looking forward to meeting him, but since it would be useful for the real presentation on friday, i wouldnt mind. but still..

weekend was spend finishing the presentation. mine actually finished last week, but typical me, i like to do lots of changes and editing, and that's why i like to have mine finished early. plus i need to prepare myself mentally more than anything else, and that is surely take some more time. good. i know my own pace now, and it's a slow one, and i would handle it the best way i know how to. maybe that is one reason i like to do things on my own.


Pianonee said...

hi ellyz, good luck to your presentation! =)