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me! dont ask me why i had that huge smile. i was happy at that time. i like snow. i have good company. life is good. so i'm smiling :)

weekend went by very fast. i cooked tomyam on saturday, it was slightly different than my usual one, but no one complains, well, no one ever complains bout my cooking haha. i think they are just a bunch of nice and considerate people, my friends are. and that they know if they ever complain, i wont cook again hahaha

didnt do much on saturday except for the cooking part. watched jurassic park that night while ct, yus and nadine went to watch syriana at odeon. i'm not a fan of george clooney, so that film doesnt interest me, altho lots of people recommend it. dono, i just didnt feel like want to go out that night. no, actually, i wanted to watch jurassic park over itv2 haha.

sunday was filled with F1. finally it's that time of the year again! F1 started at bahrain, and they have lots of new rules! it was quite exciting i tell you, with the qualifying part got not 1, but 3 sessions. and they have tyre changes again this year. i got my eyes glued on the tele for the whole 3 hours. bless!

it was snowing since saturday night and it continued snowing on sunday. it wasnt thick, but i felt like taking some pics at the park. i managed to convince nadine and ellina to join me, but ct, yus and shanti prefered to stay at home. good for them, as it was mad freezing outside! but ellina, nad and i managed to get lots of nice pics and i thoroughly enjoyed it. i have just uploaded some of them at my fotopages.

spm result will come out tomoro. i know someone who is super nervous at this time. good luck iwan! i'll wait for your phonecall tonite.

sigh. tomoro's monday. who likes monday?