supervisor & summer plans..

3/06/2006 06:39:00 PM 0 Comments »

i'm in my room at the moment. am too lazy to change my formal, hospital attire to some comfy, loose pyjamas. i'm still thinking about what to eat for dinner. fish & chips? instant pizza? maggi sounds good. egg mayo sandwich is good too. cookies and milk sound tasty. we'll see..malasnyer nk makan..

today was ok. monday..what do you expect? no one likes monday huh. well, super nerd geek people may be, but we are talking about normal population here. this week is the 4th out of my 6th week of obstetrics. remember when i wrote about how nasty my current supervisor is? well, he's kind of a changed man now. dono. he is nicer now. which puzzles me. a lot. well, i shouldnt complaint, should i? he is now more relax and flexible, i admit he is a bright consultant, everyone seems to refer to him and ask him lots of questions, and he damn knows most of stuff, so i guess it makes him a bit arrogant. which is mostly understandable and, doubtfully, acceptable. and today he smiles a lot. when i asked him for a day off on this friday for that day will be my presentation day in sunderland, he offers to help me with my presentation. he said i could practise my presentation to him and gave me tips on how to do a good presentation. i was like, 'huh?'. i hope he stays this nice until the end of my option. amin.

and i have one good news. i bought a flight ticket to go home this summer! weeeeeee! who doesnt like to go home? me like home so much. food food food. family. azali. and this summer i got to go home for nearly 3 months! and that includes my electives, of course. takpe la, i'll still doing it at home. home home home la la la. i already have lots and lots of plans. i plan to go somewhere, like a holiday break or weekend, i'm thinking of kota kinabalu or singapore, ie going somewhere that i've never been before. i hope to go with azali, so that we got to spend some good time together, but if he's busy or got other plan or simply refuse to go with me for whatever reason, that's fine, i can always go with kak lysa who is kaki jalan. or maybe i can go with some friends? gee..i have never travelled or jalan2 with friends like wirda or liza. well, i just remember, they are married. hmm.. ellina and her good friends plan to travel to bangkok this august, and i really hope i can join in, but i only know ellina but not her friends, and her friends dont know me, so i'm not certain whether i can join them or not. well, we'll see. gee...cant wait to go home! 3 more months to go!