tired eyes

3/17/2006 10:21:00 PM 0 Comments »
finally i have some time to write something here. this week has been pretty loonngg indeed.

this week is the second last week of my option, so knowing that the supervisor is going to grade me next week, so extra rajin aa dtg sekolah hehe penat penat.

today was..i can say.. a waste. woke up at half 6 to attend the midwife take-over shift at half 7 . then waited for any pregnant mum to deliver. none of the pregnant mums at the delivery suite was ready to deliver, so i had to wait for about an hour or more when one pregnant mum came through the a&e whose due date was today. it was her 1st pregnancy. when she came at about 9ish, her cervix had already dilated about 6 cm. then i had to wait and wait till half 1 when she was fully dilate (10cm). but then her water hadnt broken so the midwife needed to artificially rupture her membrane. to cut the story short, i waited until half 4 when i realised she wasnt ready to deliver her baby until at least 9 or 10 tonite. she's a very nice lady, along with her husband. i can fully understand how she was pretty anxious about almost everything, since this is her 1st baby and she didnt know what to expect. all the best to her.

on the way back i went to the printer shop that i went in yesterday to get my posters laminated. i know some people dont understand why i spend so much time, energy and money for this 1st audit of mine. this audit is special. very special indeed. i gave it my all. it wasnt to get great marks, honestly, it was for my own satisfaction. when i did this audit, i was attached to one speciality in medicine that i truly, honestly care for. like i said before, care and love are something that cannot be forced. it is either you like it, or not like it. well, that is for me. like, i cannot simply say i like paediatrics and say how cute and adorable children are, when the true fact is that i dislike children. and i cannot care for something i hate. but when i did geriatrics, there was suddenly this one side of me that i didnt know could ever exist. like i said before, i am a selfish person and i know that. but when i realised how much i care about old people, it shocked me. in a good way. it was like, 'oo this is how it feels like to care about other people'. yup, i was that selfish. this one attachment is truly special to me and it shall remain in my heart, cos it makes me feel unselfish. so this audit is truly special to me, and i spent lots of time, energy and money to make it perfect. there you go. and those laminated posters, they look great :)

honestly, i cant wait to finish my current option. dont get me wrong, it is a good attachment. i admit it is different, but i've learnt a lot for these past few weeks. like, a lot. they are all very useful, not just for my course, but for myself. but again, interest is something, that i believe, cannot be created. yes you can learn to like and enjoy something, but we are talking about genuine interest on something that you gonna spend the rest of your life with. it is either you like it, or not. obstetrics is not for me. i'm not saying it is bad, in fact the attachment was very good and i've learnt a lot, but it is not my thing. full stop.

i hope to write more but i am very tired now. i hope to write about newcastle's malaysian nite which was held at the student union last wednesday night, but let leave that for tomoro. good nite. happy weekend.