shoes, bag and an unexpected gift

4/04/2006 11:53:00 AM 1 Comment »
i'm not feeling well. i think it's the weather. main tukar suka2 hati je. it can be so bright and hot, then suddenly a really really cold wind came by. but i think it was the tiring weekend and the ice-cream/smoothies that i had made me feel sick. thank god i'm having my easter break now. boleh la golek2 atas katil without worrying about any workload.

weekend was filled with some guests coming over at the house. i'm not fond with new faces, especially when they came in a group. anyway, since they were not my guests, i stayed in my room all the time. call me rude, but i dont care. on sunday me and ellina joined mu'azzah and syahril, her fiance, to york factory outlet. both of them wanted to buy some wedding stuff, while i bought 4 pairs of shoes hahaha. ninewest shoes for 5 quids each. puas hati gile. a pair of them even match the sequined handbag that i bought a few months ago. the handbag is quite glamorous, and i bought it for my own wedding hantaran, and now i have a pair of shoes that match! suka hati gile. i also bought an elle sling bag for half price its recommended price. lagi suka hati. the funny thing was that i just declared my promise to not buy another handbag, like, 20 minutes earlier, before i went to the elle shop and fall in love with the sling bag. agak padan muka gak la haha. takpe la, i really like the new handbag.

someone bought me an early birthday gift la la la. mama bought me a zen micro! and it's orange in colour, exactly like i want! suka hati gile bobeng. it all started when kak lysa planned to buy iwan a zen micro as a gift for his spm result. then i told mama how good is that zen, as 2 of my housemates have them and that both of them like it. i also told mama that if i was to have one, i think orange would be the funkiest one. then one day i got a call from iwan saying that they had bought me one. suka hati suka hati. the problem now is to how to get the zen micro to myself. it's in malaysia, and they dont think it's safe to post it, so i think the best solution is to pass it to nadine when he goes to malaysia this may. may? ayoo..have to wait for a month and a half to hold my beloved zen.

plan of the day? nothing. think i'll make myself a good chicken soup. aisey, i got no veggie. am too lazy to go to hutchinson's to get some fresh ones. hmm we'll see.


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