final day

3/24/2006 05:02:00 PM 0 Comments »

i'm done with obstetrics.

as if.

today is my last day of my option. he who-i-want-to-kill had filled up my assessment form. oh man. i cant kill someone who gave me all merits, can i? damn. i've already had these lists of things that i want to write here about him, lots and lots of curses, but now i cant do that. it'll make me feel guilty. he said lots of good things about me throughout my attachment (altho i doubt his sincerity, but shall we not go there, you ungrateful lil thing, me that is haha) so i thought it would be best to just keep things to myself. see, i try to be nice and unselfish here haha.

but he wants me to come and see him next week to practise my oral presentation. damn. no, it's good, stupid elly. but i dont want to ever see him again. but he wants to help you with the presentation. he seems genuine on wanting to help me and my presentation. who cares whether he's genuine or not, i know i definitely need some help with my presentation. isk. shall i just enjoy my weekend and worry about it later? that's perfect, elly, lets just leave things last minute, shall we? me, who like to procastinate. 'great'.

what he said about me was a bit funny, i think. i was a bit shocked, just a little tiny shocked. he said i coped well when given a task. i worked hard to complete a given task. like the audit he asked me to do, i knew exactly what i was doing and he was satisfied with the end result with me asking least assistance. i think that also happened in my last option. the consultant gave me the newest guidelines and asked me to do an audit. 5 weeks later i showed him a complete 13 pages written report. personally, i think both audits that i did was super duper simple and straightforward, seriously simple, but both consultants were super impressed and i didnt know why. but now i know. they were actually impressed with me completing the task with least assistance.

the consultant also said that i was quite a quiet person (yes i am) and he thought it was a tactic of mine (huh?). since i was quiet, people wont have any expectation. and since they dont have any expectation, and when i managed to complete a task, like an audit or being asked some simple questions, which was a super simple task, they were amazed. got what i mean? dono. all i want is to pass my course, i dont know any tactic or strategy. seriously.

fine. lets just leave it there, shall we? i want to have a calm and relaxing weekend.

i want to write about the malaysian nite, which was almost 2 weeks ago, so macam dah kinda cite basi plak. i want to write about the old schools, like what nadine had in his blog, but this entry has already gone long, so i think i shall write that some time later. plans for tonite? nothing. plan for weekend? nothing. i like that. i really like that :)