wonderful weekend :)

8/08/2005 11:51:00 AM 0 Comments »
was so happy last weekend :) la la la

i had to meet up with someone at the hosp on friday and the rest of the day was spent in the library. went back home to receive a text from yus saying that ct and him were going to carlisle to meet up with nadine. then i spent the next 6 hours in front of the tele before getting ready to bed at about 12. i carried out my usual habit before getting to sleep ie read story books but then it got carried away until 2 so i thought i might as well wait for ct, yus and nadine to arrive home. when they arrived, nadine said "jom pie tesco", me was like "huh?...serious?..hmm..ok". so all 4 of us went to tesco to do some food shopping until half 4 in the morning. me soo like it! felt like the whole big tesco extra store was ours! way less people in such a huge store! however thing that i like most was the company. i havent shopped with anyone for a long time, and having them with me was such a bless :)

ellina arrived the next day. we had our usual talks and gossips. best best. oh yeah, before that i cooked nasi lemak for the whole house. me so like cooking!! sonok sonok masak. not sure where i got this thing cos my mum and my sis hardly cook, but me on the other hand, am lurvveee to cook especially for a group of people. guess i got that from my dad's side hihihi. oh yeah, i also received an early birthday present from nadine! he gave sekor anak lembu named Maude. cute giler. thanks nad. me happy and happy and happy :D. then in the afternoon we went to metro centre and i got an MNG jacket with 70% discount! lawa gile woo, i used to drool over it last time i went to MNG glasgow. (sory ellina but i had to mention this hik hik) the thing is that ellina got the exact same jacket, but different colour, that she bought a few months earlier in its full price. hik hik sory yek ellina rezeki aku, but super thanks to you, you were the one who found them in MNG metro centre and you were so nice to show it to me and that's why i like you the best :)

woke up early on sunday morning for our planned trip to the coast. i was finally brave enough to ask them if we could have a picnic by the beach this weekend since we got a rented car (well, nadine's rented car hihi). quite sad nadine couldnt join us as he had to fulfill a promise with some friends. so, ct, yus, ellina and i went to north shields first to get the famous fish and chips there. the plan was to get some fish and chips, then eat it at whitley bay (a long beach which runs from monseaton-whitley bay-tynemouth-cullercoats-north shields), before going to tynemouth's sunday market. punyelah awal we all arrived at north shields, about 10am, kedai pun lom bukak. masing2 dah lapar. so we ronda2 along the coast, from north shields to whitley bay to tynemouth to monkseaton, to wait for the fish and chips stall to open at 11.30. but as soon as we grabbed our warm and smell-so-nice fish and chips, the clouds began to appear. and then the rain. sigh, we had to enjoy our fish and chips inside the car. thanks to yus for placing the car to face to beach, so we can enjoy our food while enjoying the view, tho inside the car, but dont think anyone would enjoy the view as everyone was so hungry so we simply eat our food hehe.

then we went to the tynemouth market. they sell lots of stuff there including some antics, old books, second-hand stuff, food etc. me and ellina bought ct a pretty wedgewood's jewellery case, egg-shape, about the size of one's palm, for her birthday. ct's birthday is on 14 of august. she seemed fond with it when we all belek2 the stuff there, so me and ellina thought it would be right to buy it for her birthday.

very windy and cold huh. sori takde gamba yus and nad

after the market, ct wanted to taste some 'venetian' handmade ice-creams from one of the stalls at monkseaton so we went there. at that time, it was a bit sunny and windy, so as soon as we got hold of our ice-creams, it melts! abis menjeje2, but it was a good fun. we ate it at the beach, well, sort of, since it suddenly turned cloudy and windy again, so we just finished our ice-creams a.s.a.p and took some pics a.s.a.p before heading back home a.s.a.p since yus wanted to catch a football match at 2. ellina leaved newcastle at half 4 for glasgow and nadine for carlisle at half 8. overall, i really really enjoyed my weekend, it was full of fun and laughter (and i got a besday present and a 70% off MNG lawa gile nk mati jacket). but the company that i had for the weekend was the bestest part :)