30 years

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happy 30th anniversary to my parents :D

30 years. that's a pretty long time to spend your time with someone. must took them plenty of patience and loyalty, commitment and sacrifice, love and care for the other person. now that's what i call soulmates :)

wish i have their pics to put it here. i do have their pics, but i dont have a scanner, neither do my housemates, so tara leh wat pe2. and i think there is no harm on writing some of their stories here. untuk pedoman di masa hadapan... (nah, i think because i like people stories aka memoirs)

this is a short version of their story. if you want the long one, it'll take 30 years maa, no, even more than that.

an 8-year-old boy was going to his grandma house one day when he saw a girl playing around with her friends. the girl was 6 years old and lived in a house next to the boy's grandma. the boy was so fascinated with the girl (doh..how would i know why?) that he swore there and then that he will marry this girl one day.

7 years passed on. the boy was in form 3 in a boarding school in kl and the girl was in peralihan form in a secondary school in their kampung. distance had never made the boy forgot about his dream girl so he tried to meet (in other words, to 'usha') the girl whenever he came back home during school holidays. the girl never knew the boy, she was just another ordinary kampung girl who had long hair and wore pinafore to school (1960s weh). she had some admirers, so was the boy, but the girl was puzzled for why this one skinny boy kept on bugging her.

to cut the story short, we shall skip the usha part, mkay

6 years passed on. the boy was ready to go to the uk for his degree but he couldnt leave his girl. so they got married in a simple ceremony (gamba pun tade) and the boy went abroad first before the girl followed him 6 months later. the girl was very brave indeed, being a typical kampung girl, she didnt know a single word in english at that time, but she managed to fly 11 000km to be with the boy.

they had their ups and downs but they sticked together thru thick and thin. they moved around a lot, like 30 places in 30 years (seriously), was blessed with 4 children, each had their ups and downs too (shall we not go there, shall we :D hehe), the girl got separated with her daughters for the whole year as the boy needed her on the other side of the world, with all the dishonesty of some (all) of the relatives who kept on taking advantage on them (still do), from a really really old car that refused to start in a middle of nowhere, to their first mcD meal together (everbody eats cheeseburger only huh - the boy).

as a person who knows them for about 20 years and counting (of course they knew me more than that), i see them as a perfect symbiosis. one cannot live without the other. tho the world sees one of them as the stronger or dominant one, but the truth is the other way round. they are strong when they are together, and they cannot function well without the other. so when one of them was sick last year, i can see that the other found it hard to cope. this worries me the most. soon one of them will go and never come back, and i wonder how will the other cope, after being together for 30 years ++. i am worried. but i am glad too. at least, for the time being, they have each other and that's the most important of all. cheerish for what you have now, and worry bout the future later. i also see them as a perfect example of loyalty. no matter how far the other one will go, even to the end of the world if they must, the other one will always be there for them when they come back.

they are not just a couple who married for 30 years, they are best of friends who swore to take care and love each other for eternity. gosh i am emotional tonight. just to say i am very, very grateful and proud to have such an outstanding parents. love you guys to bits :)