Happy Birthday CT :)

8/14/2005 06:37:00 PM 1 Comment »
had a relaxing weekend. nad bought monopoly, and we played the whole day. nadine won all 3 rounds (ape ilmu die pakai agaknye hmm) but he was very good indeed with his (monopoly) money and i think he deserved to win. i baked carrot cake for CT's birthday, i'm not a fan of carrot cake (for god sake, it's a VEGE, how can you eat a vege cake? it's the same like if you eat broccoli cake, or cauliflower cake etc) but ct seems fond with it whenever we go to any coffee shops, she would look for carrot cake (i think), so i think it would be right for me to bake one for her birthday. guess what? me soooo LOVING it!! i never ever thought i would like this VEGE cake, but it tastes soo good!

tgk tu nadine, dia plak yg tak saba2 nk potong kek tho tu kek ct hihi


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