joke (but cite betul) of the day

8/10/2005 11:26:00 PM 0 Comments »
a boy called a girl to tell her the birthday present he bought for her. this mr tell-it-all-and-bendul-but-honest-and-innocent boy was so happy he finally got something for his beloved's birthday soon.

boy: awak, saya dah belikan hadiah besday awak hihi (sound very happy)
girl: huh? (kene bgtau org ke?) ape die?
boy: bende ni comel sgt, ade rabbit
girl: ape die? (hopeful hopeful)
boy: ade byk function die. it's a mousepad, hmm, i think it's a wrist pad (sound very satisfied)
girl:?? err mouse saya dah kong. saya gune touch pad sekrg
boy: ala, boleh gune gak. nnt tgn awak takde la sakit bile gune kompter lame2. nnt buat assignment senang lah (sound very concern)
girl: (assignment aku 3-4 kali setahun je) hmm..ok..(doubtful)
boy: did i mention it also glows in the dark?
girl: bye..
boy: jap saya try (sound very happy) hmm macam tak glow in the dark pun awak

the girl was speechless, but not surprised. her dad used to give her mum an alarm clock for her birthday. but a mousepad? no, it's a wristpad. but a wrist pad? she would have settled with a lovely card.

but, SERIOUSLY, girls, a glow in the dark wrist pad? where did i find this guy???