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today is my 1st bro's birthday. he's 23 today. ridzman, or better known as 'abang man' or maman (uwek uwek) by his fiancee, but we call him jiman or boboy (hahah pecah rahsia abis aa saham nko) at home. yup, you read it right, he already got engaged with a girl and they will get married next june (gile langkah bendul, 2 sekali tuh!!).

jiman with kak lysa at klcc last april when i went back home for easter break.

jiman ni anak emak, but he wont admit it. he just passed his final exam last april and will graduate this december in EE enginering. budak ni kurus sekerempeng. i think his BMI is 18 or less. kecik2 dulu suka nangis. bila besar masuk askar, konon nk jadik macho la tu huh. altho he got 2 elder sisters, but he likes to act like the big bro. whenever he's at home, he'll be the last to stay awake to make sure all the girls (me and kak lysa lah) safely at home, and he'll make sure all the doors are locked. he once waited for me to come back at 2 (azali lah)..wat malu org je.

budak ni pun kemut nk mati. gileeeerrrr kemut (nadine, kemut is kedekut. hehe). gile jimat cermat kalah ceti! you should have seen his bank account..a comfort 5 figures.. tu die lom keje lagi tuh... dont think i ever met anyone more kemut than him huh seriously. sayang giler (giler giler nk mati nyer) ngn tonang die, sampai ambo geli gelemen. once he critisized my relationship with azali, and hell yes, i'll remember sampai mati (how dare you compare my relationship with yours! bleh blah aa). jiman is also iwan's (my youngest bro) worst nightmare. jiman garang giler ngn iwan, and jiman is the only guy in this world who iwan would listen to.

jiman is also mama's fav, altho she denies it. 'jiman anak mama' (uwek). he also has a stiffed relationship with abah, i think becos of him being the 1st son. but jiman always got his beloved mama to back him, like, anytime. mama is very2 particular and fussy with her fav son's choice of girl (not like me -> negro kepala botak pun boleh..just kidding) and jiman had to bring melda (his fiancee) several times to see mama to get her blessing (not like me -> sekali jumpe, 'ok'). overall, jiman is a good son, overly protective bro who gets in everyone's nerve once in a while (who doesnt?). he's way more matured than i am and i wish him the very best in life. i just hope he stops being too jiwang sentimentol but if his fiancee likes it, who am i to ask him to change. happy 23rd birthday, dear bro :)

ps/ kalau nko nk adiah, ko kasik aku nyer dulu! hikhik