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stayed on the bed a bit longer than usual this morning to reflect some of the thoughts that i have in my mind. am not in the best of mood these days, my monthly cycle is a few days late, and i dont like that. i'm not worried, i just want it to come, and go, and get over with it. it's like you receive a regular visit every month, there's nothing you can do with it except to accept it. they come, and go. but this month they come late, and i dont like to be kept waiting. yeah, i like routines.

did some quizes on the net with some housemates last night and it came up with some silly answers. was very surprised when the housemates agreed with some of the answers, like they both agreed that i like to keep things to myself, ie simpan dlm hati. i always, always thought i talk way too much. tho it's true that i only like to talk to certain people, and these certain people include dear housemates, but they thought otherwise. well, i dont like people to ask me questions, cos i hate explaining myself. in newcastle, there are only 3 people that i dont mind talking to, and to only these people that i will tegur if i meet them in town, in school, or wherever else. the rest i'll just choose another route whenever tersimpang with them, and wish that they dont see me. selfish? dono la. the quizes also mentioned that i'm a loner and like to be independent. maybe that's it.

whenever i'm in a bad mood, just leave me. but the guy who lives 11 000km away from me insisted to talk to me. whenever i'm in a bad mood, i'm not nice. evil. i'll say hurtful things. but the guy who lives 11 000km away from me simply said how cute i am when i'm angry. this will make me even angrier. when i really hate someone, i want them to know. i dont want to hurt them, but i want them to know that i hate them. it annoys me most when the people that i hate assume that we are best of friends and as if nothing happens. whenever i'm in a bad mood, just leave me. but when someone insists of talking with me, it annoys me the most when they act as if nothing happen, as if i'm in an ok mood. you want the real thing, there you go. dont go cry cry baby. it's your fault.

last monday was my 1st anniversary of being engaged. now i doubt if there is a wedding. i know i'll regret saying this later, but right now i cant be bothered with anything. now i know that love cant give you everything, it definitely cant improve the sengetness of my head.

right now, i'll rather not eat for the whole day than to talk to people other than the 3 people in newcastle that i mentioned above.


DeLiRiuM said...

Hmm... I think there were a few odd answers to my questions too!

Liz said...

happy belated birthday!!