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weekend has been good so far. didnt do much on friday, just relaxing on my bed mostly. nad arrived later that evening, newcastle has been his kampung since he started working in carlisle last month.

saturday morning was a bored one. me as usual, when bored, suka carik pasal. so i decided to do something that didnt require any thinking, so i cooked. i made karipap and ct made brownies. i like cooking (think i've mentioned this like a thousand times here). when i cook, my mind goes empty. it just chop chop chop, cook cook cook, or bake bake bake. if jadik, ade org abiskan. if tak jadik, hard luck, kene aa buang, but nobody'll know. the thing is, i like to cook in huge amount. and i cant finish it myself. and since what goes into my stomach based solely on my appetite, and this changes everyday, so these sekuali rendang or seperiuk sup will be left wasted at the end of the day. so i put them in some neat tupperware and into the fridge, and the next day my appetite tells me to cook something else, seperiuk lagi, and these will be put into the fridge at the end of the day, and the cycle goes. bazir tul. so i tend not to cook for myself, just make some simple food.

anyway, after our minum petang with karipap, brownies and teh kosong, we went to nando's for dinner. it was nadine's treat as he just got his 1st pay. before that, i borrowed ct's hair thongs. she taught me how to do big curls. SERONOK!! my hair has grown ridicilously long again, and i tie it 24 hours a day (ok ok not while i'm sleeping doh) and i thought it would be nice to have it curled, just at the bottom, and jadik!! i know i have mentioned at least twice that one of my aim in life is to have a straight hair (poyo nyer 'aim in life' haha), yup, it still does, but dono, it looked really nice when ct had her hair curled on malaysian nite last march, so i thought, why not (but really really hope it wont stay curled permanently!). so i curled my hair, big curls, i had a really nice time with ct (girly moments hehe) and was really happy with the end result :)

oh no muka bulat gila... we should have taken the pic b4 we eat our food haha like it's gonna make a different sigh...

then after put some make-ups (a complete one - foundation, touch powder, mascara, blusher, eye-shadows etc haha i only do this like once in 6 months - really cant be bother with make-ups cos have to really really clean my face after that cos i hate pimples), we went to nando's. makan byk seh 1/2 chicken each (shh..oh is it supposed to be a secret, ct? hehe) we went to odeon to catch, supposedly, Bewitched, but someone misread the time screening so we watched The Island instead.

i dont know why this movie received such a bad review, but i honestly think that it is a good movie. well, maybe because i like sci-fi movies, plus i adore ewan mcgregor, but i really enjoyed the movie (maybe becos someone else paid the ticket hehe a big BIG thank you to our sponsor of the night, you know who you are hehe). The Island was a bit slow in the beginning, but later on it was fast paced, action packed. and i like the glimpse of the future, like the anti-graviti vehicles, super cool gadgets. ewan mcgregor looked a bit matured, but he's fit hehe. scarlet johanson is not bad, she got good assets, if you know what i mean hehe. anyway, i think i still want to watch Bewitched cos i like nicole kidman, maybe next week.

i'm home alone now, on a moody sunday afternoon. the rest went to watch a football match somewhere, and i dont watch football (more like, hate it haha) so i choose to stay home instead. took a long bath after they left, then hovered the whole house after that. washed my clothes, then stayed on my bed for the next couple of hours. hehe my ideal sunday. before they left, i made nasi ayam for lunch. masak masak masak la la la. there are some food left, so our dinner is sorted la la la wish i could cook some more la la la what should i cook tomoro la la la it's bank holiday monday la la la everyone is home la la la