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penatnyer penatnyer...

seriously, i'm tired. tired TIRED. yeah yeah you got my point.

i read a blog yesterday in which the owner enlisted his list of 'The 10 things I'd like to accomplish by the age of 30'. geez..cool gak..i've never thought of that b4 (mmg tak ambitious langsung ha ha). hmm..i'm not a very ambitious person. i dont like to think that much (tho everybody told me i think TOO much..dono). well, i think i might give it a go, but maybe i'll change the title a bit...

The 10 things I want to have, or wish to have, by the age of 30

1. i want to have a permanent, stable work. in my case..being a qualified doctor maybe? but i wont rule out other jobs. i might not work as a doctor tho i manage to get a medical degree, you see. well, i dont mind about the job i'll do in the future, as long as its permanent, stable and of course with a good pay. i dont expect to get a high pay, i just hope it's enuff for me :) cant wait

2. i want to have a baby. i really really want a baby, it doesnt matter who the father is (azali will kill me if he reads this ha ha). i've dreamt about this little girl who i believe is my future daughter (geez..freak) for so many times now..i really want her. i want to have her. ha ha funny. but i'm serious..

3. i want to write english perfectly..as perfect as nadine's and ct's. with really big good words. of course perfect grammer. p.e.r.f.e.c.t english

4. i want to speak chinese fluently. i want to learn to read japanese. the former one is for me to understand all those chinese girls gossips. the latter one is for me to read as many japanese manga aka comic as many as i can! yippee ;P

5. i want to have a driving license. you guess it right...i dont have a driving license. but dont think i want to own or drive a car...

6. of course i want to settle down. hopefully with azali..but dono la. jodoh Allah yg tentukan. it's funny cos i put this at number 6, ie after my wish to have a baby (at number 2), but it's true...i want to have a baby more than i want to get marry. if la kan..i could have a baby WITHOUT a husband...like get it from a sperm bank ka..dah lame dah buat ha ha ha haram ha ha

7. i want to own a dressing room. a moderate sized room for my precious clothes, shoes and handbags. all clothes will be hangered and the shoes will have their own display racks and the handbags as well. each shoes with their matching handbag. every display will have the small cupboard lamp for the background lighting. oh dream on..

8. i want to bring my whole family to disneyworld, florida. we used to live in florida when i was 3 years old for 3 years. i really want to go there again with the whole family. it's the whole family's dream to be there again

9. i want to have a wide knowledge in fashion. i want to know about the recent fashion style. like tweed and green are soo 'in' for this autumn, as well as as gold, and pastels are soo last year's fashion. i want to at least be able to sketch some clothing designs. i want to study fashion industry ie why does certain fashion suddenly becomes popular at certain times and who decides it. i want to know about fabric, which fabric is suitable for which fashion etc... all of these have always fascinates me

10. the most important thing that i want at the age of 30 is to be happy. really happy. really really happy. happy happy. i know i cant have everything in life. i've been unhappy for these past years and i think i'll continue to be unhappy for at least 3 years more, so i think i deserve to be happy by the age of 30. i really hope so :) wish me luck

have a nice weekend everyone


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Good Luck !