my dear old friends...

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i'm not sure what brings in on, but i think of my dear old friends a lot recently.

i went to my kampung's tadika kemas when i was 6 years old. it was a small tadika and i met my earlier friends there. there was a girl name yati, who was very manja. i found out one day that she didnt have a father and that she was the only child. her mother pampered her so much. and i was a natural nakal girl, i hate manja2 girl, tak cool huh. i remembered my mum forcing me to be friend with yati, but being a natural degil myself, i didnt like being friends with a manja+ngengada girl. i wasnt close to anyone, but there was a girl who was very smart in my class. she got short hair and a very slim body. she performed better than me, in many ways, and she got the 2nd place in the overall performance, while i only managed to get 5th. i respected this girl. 18 years later, i found out from my nenek that yati and the short haired girl had became teachers in my kampung's secondary school. i wasnt surprised with yati, but i thought the short-haired girl got much more potential than that. i know i cant judge her with her 6-year-old's performance, but i'm pretty sure about her potential. i couldnt help but thinking that if the short haired girl was born in a city, she would have a better future.

my family moved to kuantan soon after i finished my tadika. we stayed in a military camp for 4 years. there was even a primary school inside the camp. i met siti maslina, a very beautiful girl who got some mat saleh features in her. our mums were best friends and they expected us to click too. i liked her, she was nice, but i thought i was too ugly and comot to be her friend. i was indeed very comot and dirty, almost all the time. both of us had the same short name, 'nina'. to make it easier, everybody called me 'nina selamat' and her, 'nina alwi', based on our fathers' names. i met a girl named rina as well, our mums were best friends too, but rina was a very dependent girl. she would follow me everywhere, everytime. well, you see,i tend to get 'rimas' easily, and i told rina to stop following me. and she told her mum about this. the next morning her mum waited for her in the canteen during recess period. me and my selamba face haha. little did i knew that her mum reported me to my mum. apa lagi, balik rumah kene aa bantai. siti maslina is now taking masters in upm and rina is in uia taking accountancy. rina has an older sister named linda. linda was sooo smart, beautiful and soo popular as well. she got the top place in her year and became the head student as well. i went to linda's wedding last summer. she's now working as an accountant for petronas. i remember her lending me her barbie doll to play with rina :)

in the middle of standard 4, my family moved to ampang, kl and stayed there until i finished upsr. i didnt like ampang's girls. they were cruel people, tak tipu. they only hanged out with those who got something, like some big colour pencils, have a huge garden etc. i cant recall anyone who is significant. until very recently, thanks to the birth of broadband, i managed to keep in touch with a boy from my school. we were never in the same class, but he once wrote my autograph. last year's summer, hafiz went to the uk to visit her aunt and came to newcastle to visit me. a nice and shy guy. we didnt talk much back then, and last summer we talked a lot. it was nice to hear from him.

i had to live with my nenek in kampung for a year with kak lysa, as abah had to go to uk for his masters and brought along mama, jiman and iwan. i met zuhaila there, a typical kampung girl. beautiful, timid, hitam manis and never go out of her kampung. quite a proper girl, who speaks gently, plus proper manner too. she was a nice friend. we tried to keep in touch but lost somewhere in the middle, mainly because my family tend to move around a lot. but since she lives in my kampung where almost everyone is related, i managed to get some news about her. she tried to continue her study but stucked with her failed bm in spm. she's now married to a local guy. i'm pretty sure she has her own children now. hmm..think i'll ask nenek about her the next time i balik kampung.

then, we moved again, this time to butterworth, penang, and lived there for a year (sigh). i really like seberang perai. nice place, very cheap food and the people are just the best. they are very humble, and quite religious too. ha ha i can remember being the only girl who didnt wear tudung, in the whole school! dono how i coped with that. i met my first best friend, her name was chin mee ree. she was one of the best student, yet she was soo humble. i never knew any chinese who was as humble and kind as her. i never knew anyone who is equel to me. we studied together, hanged out together, went to shopping together. she was the first friend who i invited to my house. she was so sad when my family moved (again) to kuantan. we tried to keep in touch, but somehow it lost somewhere in the middle. i last heard from her several years ago, she went to study in dundee in engineering. we tried to meet up, but tak jadi, dono what happen. now i totally lost her. miss you, mee ree.

then, (sigh) i went to a chinese school in kuantan at the end of form 3. it was soo close to pmr, no school was dare enough to accept any new student. i went there for 2 months, took pmr and went to form4 for a while. the school was shocked for my result, with my history of moving around, they thought i had a bad record or something. i went to form4 for a while but then i was denied to enter 4science1. the school authorities gave me various lame excuses, but the true story was that they wanted all students in 4science 1 to be chinese (my form3 class was the 3rd class, you know). i was soo damn angry; with my result, i can choose any class. stupid school. racism. i didnt plan to go to any boarding school initially, but my form3 malay teacher had forced me to apply for mrsm just b4 pmr. although i can change to another school in kuantan, but my dad just received a new posting which is in kl (again). i know that by the middle of form4, my family will be moving out again. the only solution was to put me into a boarding school. so i went to mrsm taiping for 2 years and met most of my recent friends there. i didnt know that mrsm taiping was one of the best school in the country at that time, i went there because that was the only offer that i got. i remember how my parents were shocked when they heard the headmaster mentioned about this. if a normal secondary school aims to get a 100% pass in spm, in this school, the aim is to get 100% 12aggregates and below. gilo apo. cuak gile. i still got the shivers until now.

i didnt get close to anyone in particular while in taiping. me and my 'halimunan-ness' haha. i tend to hang out with a girl in my class, my deskmate actually and we lived in the same dorm. rozian is a jawa girl like me, and our kampungs are quite close to each other. she has a round face and is a down to earth person. very independent as well. we last met 2 years ago and i promised to invite her to my wedding and vice versa :)

to my dear old friends, i wish you the very best of luck in your future. thanks for being part of my life :) i miss you guys, wherever you are


Anonymous said...

i went to tadika kemas too!
but dat was ages ago...
say... 20 yrs ago?