a week diary

10/23/2004 12:15:00 AM 1 Comment »
this week was very busy and tiring. busy + no food, that's fine with me, but all those adrenaline up and down, it made me sick. i went to bed early almost every night, i didnt even have time to talk to my fiance, lame tak borak panjang ngn die. this morning my mum told me that azali came to our house in ampang. it was thoughtful of him.

now where should i start? lots of things happened in these past few days..

monday - i dreamt something nice (again? why is this girl always talk about her dream? dono). well, everybody knows i miss my fiance (dhoh..why 'fiance'? you see, i dont like to write his name, i always prefer to refer him as 'monyet', but at the same time i know it's not appropiate..dono). i miss talking to him, being with him, going out with him, or even just looking at his face. that night i dreamt of being in secondary school again. it was a chinese school. there was this chinese hulk who treated me nicely. i couldnt remember his face, but that didnt matter, because he was so nice and treated me as if i was his gf. it turned out that i was indeed his gf! but nobody in the school knew about this (even me haha). this hulk (cool word isnt it?) thought it was the right time to declare our relationship to the public (like drama swasta la plak hehe). it turned out that this guy is the most popular + smart guy in that school. wah wah. bgn2 je, i couldnt help myself from smiling. i'm still tersengih2 right now :p. it was one of those rare moment when you felt like flowers in your heart....smile smile

tues - i had almost the same dream as the night before..except this time it was azali...REALLY-WIDE-KUASA-SEPULUH-EAR-TO-EAR-SMILE hihihihihihihihi
on this day as well, a really weird thing happened. i went to the hospital as usual in the morning and the morning session was soooo boring. i was seriously considering to skip the afternoon session, mainly just to go to town to have some window shopping instead. during the morning break, i read my newspaper and as usual, i read the horoscope part first. it wrote:

'There are two approaches to work that will succeed for you today; one sees you calling in sick and going shopping, the other involves staying quiet. You choose'

how weird was that? that was what exactly in my mind. cuak sat. 'this is too weird' i thought and...i cancelled my plan to skive the afternoon session..

wednesday - horrible. i got this review video session. 2 weeks ago i had this session of 'video recording' thingy which they recorded my interview with a patient. and today was the review session in which me and my other 5 groupmates got to watch the recorded video again and gave pro and cons about our communication skills. horror!! the session was ok actually, i did learn something useful but i hate seeing myself in the photo/video/whatever which shows my face arghhhhhh i just hate it soo much :(

thursday - a tiring day. but i got my first pay!! woohoo! my first ever pay. 75 quids. for 3 days job, 12 and a half hours work. easy money! what i'm gonna buy what i'm gonna buy..hmm..ayo..got to save it la babe..i need to start saving now...i dont have any kind of saving now..but i think a pair of knee-length boot will be ok kan elina :P

friday - finally friday arrived. went to see my tutor to ask him about my progress in the course so far and i got a very good and comforting feedback. bless him. guess i was just being too concious. but i know i need to work more more more! but not today hehe. today i cooked kuew teow goreng and baked chocolate cake! yum yum. i lost my appetite lately and had to force myself eating. that's why i cooked properly today. yum yum. tomoro i think i'm gonna make karipap yum yum. or/and some biskut raya maybe hehe.

so here i am, it's just past midnight. tomoro i'll go to work, maybe until 2-3pm. my initial plan is to go to the library after that, but then bile nk wat karipap and biskut raya tu? hmm..

oh forgot to mention, i got 5 day-off, till next wednesday! woohoo!


Extremelee said...

So glad i'm not the only one having a bad life right now. Hope yours looks up soon. Nice blog, just found it doing a random blog thing!