selamat berpuasa..

10/15/2004 09:54:00 PM 0 Comments »
it's the first day of fasting. not bad...except when somebody kept on telling me how thirsty and hungry she every 5 minutes. very very annoying, but hey..bulan posa to restrict myself from kutuk-ing other ppl. ha ha. and there was this one beruk from malaysia said that he didnt feel 'good' about my previous entry about me saying (or kutuking) one of my groupmates at hosp. ha ha. iyo la, yo la, i got it pakcik, i'll try to write something else then in this blog.

(this blog will be very dull and boring then dhoh).

i'm listening to my most favourite cd ever ever. it's lionel richie's 'back to front'. i really like his music. a bit of jazz, a bit of pop. his duet with diana ross, 'endless love' was like....ahhh.. make me melt everytime i hear it :)

ha ha again, that beruk in malaysia said that i shouldnt reveal too much about myself in this blog. he said it would be 'dangerous'. what? like i have someone who really want to kill me or something. i know that malang tu tak berbau, but...who cares about my blog? who cares to read it anyway? i dont have that many friends. i'm not that social. dono la. iyo lah yo la, my dear..

so what else can i write? about my hobbies and be as boring as kudo's? ha ha i'm making more and more enemies now ha ha

what's the point of having a blog when you cant write whatever you want in it?

i think having a blog is very exciting. as i said before, i'm not that social, and my beruk is so far away, so this blog is my only place to be myself. this blog represents me. and it's for me alone. it's not meant for other ppl. a friend of my once told me, if it's only for you , why not just put stuff that you write in word document and save it in your hardrive? good thinking. i dont have the answer. all i can say is that a blog is a blog and it has to be published. i dont think a blog is a diary. it's just a place where you can do (write, i mean) whatever you want to write. complicated huh? is complicated after all

ps/ i can imagine my mum saying 'bakal menantu mama...beruk?'