tada keleja

10/25/2004 10:03:00 PM 0 Comments »
**[spell your name backwards]
anaylle <--cool, i think

**[the story behind your email address]
there were 3 ellys back in college. 503 was the name my class

**[where do you live?]
a rented house in newcastle

black leather purse which mama bought for me last summer

which pair?

**[favourite shirt]
a levi shirt from his and hers matching shirts. azali got 1 too :)

right ear lobe

straight. you guessed it...rebonding aa

lipstick. lancome has the best lipstick ever ever

**[something you're looking forward to in the upcoming months]
mm..christmas hols maybe..nk cuti!!

**[something that you are deathly afraid of?]
pacat. worms.

**[do you believe in love]
a ha

**[do you believe in forgiveness]
yes but to forget is something else

**[where are 3 places you wouldn't mind relocating to]
anywhere in malaysia
anywhere near shopping complexes
anywhere near halal foods

**[favorite food?]
ayam kentucky yum yum

**[is there something you wish you could understand better]
life..why does it has to be complicated

**[my father thinks i am]
degil, moody, easy to talk to

**[my mother thinks i am]
degil, moody, good shopping partner

**[my siblings think i am]
degil, moody, perabih duit mama abah :p

**[best qualities]
dono..easy to talk to, maybe? but not when i'm in a bad mood lah

**[worst qualities]
degil + moody tahap 10 (both)

**[i get embarrassed when]
i cant find the word i'm trying to say. mental block

**[what makes me happy]
when my day is productive

**[upsets me]
seeing ninie

**[you like to cook ]

**[you have a secret you have not shared with anyone]

**[song you listened to]
lionel richie's Still

**[person you've called]

**[person that's called you]
rifit (my coursemate)

**[person u sms]

**[TV show you've watched]
eastenders (soap drama..very popular woo in uk ahaks)

**[thing you were thinking about]
what to eat/cook after this

**[u think about suicide]
no comment

**[others find you attractive]

**[you drink]

**[you like roller coasters]
nope. i wouldnt ride one even if you pay me

**[you write in cursive or print]

**[you carry a donor card]

**[you have a crush on somebody]
aha..one of my coursemate..so cute! hehe

**[lied to someone]
a ha

**[ever been in a fist fight]
yup. with my bro 10 years ago haha

**[ever been arrested]

**[shampoo do you use]
loreal kerastase

**[what do you notice first in a guy/girl]
their smile

**[makes you laugh the most]

**[has a crush on you]
budak kecik from sheff hahah

**[last time you did something]
something what?

**[last time you were totally free]
last easter and summer, my first break in 24 years

**[whats your favourite colour]
pink!! omg i helplessly in love with pink...sad isnt it

**[what are you planning to do tomorrow]
wake up at 9ish, do some reading (as if), gp surgery visit at 1.30pm until 5, buke posa, mandi, tgk tv, tido