punctual and productive..that's my goal (i hope!)

10/12/2004 10:58:00 PM 0 Comments »
it's 10.30 pm. it's time for me to sleep. i know it is quite early huh, but what to do, tomoro i'll have to start the day early, hence need to sleep early. well, tomoro i wont be having any class (woo hoo!) but i need to go to work (woo hoo!). my work doesnt have any fixed entry time, i just come whenever i want and leave whenever i want. cool isnt it? but i think i still want to start early tomoro, so that i can do other things as well like go to the library or go to the beach. you see, the place where i work is just 5-10 minutes walk from the beach. i went there last saturday after work (yup, i work on saturday too) but the weather wasnt that good and i could only stayed there for 10 minutes. damn cold! so tomoro, if the weather is ok, i might go to the beach again and spend more time there. the beach reminds me very much of kak lysa, my eldest sis. she loves beaches a lot!

i want to sleep now, but i promised elina to wait for her arrival and open the main door for her. she is due to arrive from london at 12ish tonite and cant find her house key. tappe la, i dont mind waiting for her. writing this blog will take some of my time. there is nothing interesting on tv, i've spent a few hours in the library this afternoon so dont think i want to read academic book right now. fiction story book? dont let me start, or else i cant stop, so better not start reading one.

i think i'm pretty much organised right now. haha i feel quite proud of myself. bukan nk angkat bakul, but if you know me, you will know what i mean. by keeping myself bz and occupied, i become more organised. penat tu mmg penat, but at least i know my time is filled with something. in fact i have never been more organised in my whole life. hmm..waktu kat mrsm taiping doesnt count..cos that's involuntary.

right now, i go to class everyday. mon, tues, thurs and friday will be a very full day, woke up at 7am sharp and the class will start at 9 and finish at 5pm, sharp. after getting a lift from a fren from the hospital to town, i go to the robinson library, the uni library which is the nearest to the town. it will take me a further 20 minutes to go to the medical library, so i decide to go to the nearest one. i stay in the library until 7-8pm ish, and go home after that. i take a shower as soon as i reach home, prepare my dinner, eat in front of the tele, and wait a while for the food to come down, and i go to bed at 11ish. that will be a typical day for me. on wednesday and saturday, i get up at 8am ish and go to work until 3-4pm ish. i go to the library after that, get my quick lunch anywhere and stay there until i finish my work or whenever my head dah tepu. the only problem is sunday. i dont have anything on sunday. i want to do something, or else i will end up just lying on the bed for the WHOLE day, watch tv and eat, eat, and eat again. not at all productive. and i feel soooo dammmnnnn lazy. you see, i cant stop going or else i will lose momentum. like last sunday, i didnt do a thing, i felt sooo lazy and what i hate most was the feeling on that sunday night. i felt reluctant to start the usual routine. once i start my routine, it will be fine. punctual and productive, that's my goal.

ha ha i cant believe i'm doing all these. you should have met me last year. i was probably the laziest malaysian in newcastle last year and i lost something precious in my life. i lost my time. my sis gave me a very good advice a couple of months ago. it seems illogical as well as harsh, but there is some truth behind it. i know she's right.

good nite everyone :)