Happy Birthday Iwan...

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a full grown boy, yet everybody treats him like budak kecik hehe Posted by Hello

Iwan is my youngest brother. he turns 16 today. Happy Birthday Iwan! iwan has been everybody's favourite since he was born. i was 8 years old at that time. i was so young and didnt even realised that my mum was pregnant. i just knew that one day while i was at school, my dad came over and said something to my teacher. i saw kak lysa was there too, waiting outside my classroom. my dad didnt say a word. you see, up to until i was 14 years old, my dad didnt talk AT ALL to any of his children. dono, i think he didnt like children at all, it was my mum who wanted to have some children in the house, but that's another story. so this day 16 years ago, my dad brought me, kak lysa and jiman to this weird place which i later knew as hospital. i didnt dare to ask my dad anything. there i saw my mum lying on the bed, looking tired and there was this tiny new 'thing' beside her. my mum greeted us with a smile and told us that it was a boy. uh..what boy? she said that the thing beside her is a baby boy (ooo tu ke baby) and said that this baby boy will be living with us. ooo ic ic.

this boy was soo fair. his skin was soo smooth. ha ha bold head. my mum named him Idzwan. she chose a name with the letter I, which is the same as hers. i remember iwan as a good baby. he didnt cry a lot and became cubbier and cubbier each day. one thing about iwan is that he has a natural charm. pandai ambil hati. i remember him when he was 2-3 years old, he will shout 'wokgen wokgen' whenever he saw a volkswagen car on the street. you see, my dad has this soft spot towards volkswagen. and the rest is history. iwan has become his pet ever since. and my dad gradually changed after iwan was born. he started to like children and began to talk to us, his 'other' children ha ha. well that's another story as well

although he's the youngest in the family, he's not the smallest, mind you. he's as tall as my dad. he becomes so dark nowadays, with all those puberty hormones flaring up ie pimples la. tho he's now tall and big, he still got this baby face, the face which resembles so much of his baby's day. well, that's what i thought. die ambil hati my mum by being a good shopping partner. he knows style, seriously, which brings him closer to me too. he knows brands and cool things. and he knows lots of stuff about cars too, which brings him closer to my sis. he's so close to kak lysa, she even says that iwan is the person she loves most in this world. iwan is an obedient yet cool person. nobody taught him to be like that.

so, iwan, i know you wont be reading this (so that ko tak kombang when aku puji ko lambung2). you have just turned 16 today. you are still too young to realise that life is complicated but i know you will know it sooner or later. take one step at a time and although you have to take each step seriously, dont let the seriousness prevent you from enjoying it. life can be fun too. you are who you are, be brave. it's ok to look back every now and again. take care [tho you know there are 5 of us who will take care of you unconditionally] :)

good nite everyone