will you marry you?

10/16/2004 11:34:00 PM 0 Comments »

i got this from someone's blog - 'will u marry u?'. hmm..i gave it a thought for a while..and my answer would definitely be..no. i've known to have a low self-esteem, i can be (very) opinionated sometimes (all the time) (if it's in brackets, it means i'm in denial of the facts ha ha). dah la unpredictable in term of mood ie one minute i'm happy then out of the blue, i can be (very) moody and angry as well. pSycHO..that's what some (most) of my friends told me. and i hate being told what to do. nO aDviCE please.. aka degil/stubborn/big headed whatever lah. and i'm not the best of person in the world. not even in newcastle. not even in my own house haha. sometimes (all the time) i just dont care, and i dont want to care. i would always prefer to be left alone. and i hate being questioned. a bit (very) individualistic too.

that's why i keep on asking myself, what the hell does azali sees in me? why is he still here?

'i'm not perfect, nor do you, the question is whether we are perfect for each other'

smile smile

'you may not be the best of person in the world, but you are enough for me. i'm not looking for the perfect girl, i'm looking for a perfect girl for me. you maybe unpredictable but you are an honest person. you always speak what's in your mind. always. that's what i like best about you. you maybe individualistic, but for me, you are independent. i wont have to worry about you and your well-being, because i'll always know you can take good care of yourself and make a fair judgement. it's not that i'm not worried about you because i will always do. we still have a long journey beyond us, so i need a strong girl. a girl who have the whole package. independent, strong-willed, honest and can take care of herself as well. who said that you're kasar? or garang?i dont want you to change, i like you the way you are.'


i miss my monyet at malaysia :'(