1/01/2004 06:19:00 PM 0 Comments »
wirda is back! miss her huh. though she's far away, bukannye ckp ngn die pun, but somehow i felt her presence through her blog. pastu she writes honestly. kasik aku idea gak ape nak tulih. takda aa tulih merapu pasal rambut (??!). so...welkam back wirda. cant wait to hear your stories, if you dont mind lah.

and Happy New Year 2004! thought wanted to go to newcastle city centre tuk celebrate new year, cos they will usually have fireworks. but it was damn cold last nite. and windy. and snowing. tapi sket je..tak puas hati..sejuk je yg lebih2. so..me and elina duk diam2 dlm bilik, tgk tv in my room. oklah tu.. couldnt ask for more.

new year means..new resolution. think i want to talk less, listen more. be less emotional. hm..cant think of anything else rite now. nnt if byk2 pun mcm leh ingat everything. cos i think i talked a lot last year (2003 lah). other new resolution might be to be more secretive and privacy a bit more. hmm... patut ke huh? my frens said i'm secretive enuff and indidualistic. but somehow i think i'm not secretive enuff (??!!) tak paham? me pun confused.