1/30/2004 02:53:00 PM 0 Comments »
tak de mood sgt for these past few days. stayed in my room most of the time, done nothing. went to town twice, just to settle a few important matters with the bank, bought myself some foods, that's it. it's also freezing outside, finally newcastle has its snow after waiting fruitlessly for 2 months. today's weather is moody, grey clouds, no snow at sight, might be bcos of the rain, i think, last nite. but i bet it's still freezing outside, possibly raining, too layzee to check it through the window. actually i have a plan today. a plan to attend a seminar in medic school about alternative route in medicine. in the email mentioned about a few ppl who will talk about their experience doing a med degree but ending up doing something else because of the lack of interest to be a doctor. interesting..but with the weather outside, and me still in my pyjamas, the heater is on..not sure i want to go or not. 've been looking forward for this talk since last week...ok la, think i might as well go. yup, i need to go out to get some cash too to pay my house rent. okla guys, catch you later.